Our organization is looking for volunteers to help us provide support to local transitioning, disabled and elderly veterans in need. We are constantly in need of volunteers to help us achieve our mission goals. Specifically, we need help with fundraising, donations, senior and disabled veteran work projects, as well as other community outreach events. Please submit your application below. Answering the following questions will help us match your volunteer application with a suitable volunteer role.

We thank you for your interest in volunteering and supporting our organization’s cause. Please also follow us on Facebook for volunteer requests and project updates.

Which of the following volunteer roles would you be most interested in?*
AdministrativeFundraising (Bake sales, event tabling, VFV merchandise sales, etc.)Special Events (Community Days, Poker Runs, Golf Outings, etc.)Senior/Disabled Veteran Home Improvement Work Days (plumbing, electrical, labor, construction help)Senior/Disabled Veteran seasonal tasks (raking leaves, lawn care, snow shoveling, etc.)Other

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Please list your skill sets that you feel would be an asset to Vets for Vets.*

How often could you spare your time to volunteer with us?*
Once a weekOnce a monthOther

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